New Feature On Our Site Makes Finding The Perfect Hair Brush Easy!

We have updated the hair brush section of our website to make it much easier for you to find the perfect hair brush.  When you first go to our hair brush section, you will notice that you have the option to "click here", which will open up a PDF to help you find your perfect brush.  Then, you can easily navigate through different types of hair brushes on our site, perfect for your styling needs. If you'll notice on the "left navigation" you can browse by "Round, Cushion, Vented, Wig, Sets, Shampoo Brushes, Combs and Accessories".  You can also browse by Brand, Price and More!



If you click on "Round Brushes", you'll see even more subcategories, which breaks down the brushes by bristle type and composition of the brush.  All of this will allow you to find your perfect hair brush!


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