NEW! Ageless Fantasy - Perfume that makes you smell younger

Let us not underestimate the power of smell.

ageless1In our recent post about Mother's Day Gift Ideas, we featured one of our newest fragrances, Ageless Fantasy, the world's first anti-aging perfume.  We received several inquiries questioning whether or not this fragrance was actually for real!  Can a perfume really make a woman smell younger!?  We did some extra research on the fragrance and on our sense of smell and were amazed by what we found!

Scientifc Research

It is a scientific fact that the sense of smell is linked to our memories.  Have you ever gotten a whiff of something that gave you a bit of a deja vu moment?  That's because our sense of smell can conjure up vivid memories from very early on in our lives.  We may not remember what our Nanny looked like from when we were a toddler, but we can remember what she smelled like. According to an article in the New York Times, "olfaction is the first of our senses to mature and only later cedes cognitive primacy to vision and words, while the cortical link between olfaction and emotion ensures that those early sensations keep their bloom all life long."  Essentially our brain creates different associations with scents early on in life that we later on don't even think twice about. 

We smell a new idea!

The makers of the new fragrance, Ageless Fantasy, took these important discoveries about the sense of smell and figured that just like the smell of roses is associated with older women, various scents can also be associated with youth and youthfulness.  (These scents were found to be pink grapefruit, pomegranate, and green apple.)  These particular scents were carefully combined to create the first ever fragrance, Ageless Fantasy, that actually makes a woman smell younger! To see if men subconsciously determine how old a woman is based on her scent, a clinical trial was done with the perfume to test its effectiveness.  It was found that men guessed a woman's age was on average 8 years younger than she actually was while wearing this fragrance! Kumar Ramani, the president and founder of Harvey Prince, the company behind the coveted new fragrance says, "Ageless Fantasy is an aromatic explosion that rejuvenates you...Our goal was to come up with a unique composition that has a very positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit."  This positive effect is that you smell younger, and subsequently feel younger too! While the perfume is currently being marketed toward older women, Ramani told us that he has received great reviews and requests from women in their twenties who simply love the fragrance solely based on its delicate fruity/floral scent.

What are others saying?

Since its inception in 2008, Ageless Fantasy has received fave reviews and has been featured in many news publications, women's magazines, and beauty blogs.  For a complete list of press articles, visit   We found this BBC radio interview with Ramani particularly interesting.   Also, check out this great video about Ageless Fantasy by better TV.  For even more information regarding the fragrance, visit their Frequently Asked Questions section.

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