Mother's Day Gift Ideas Part 3: Frownies Wrinkle Reducers

frowniesYour mom might not be a stranger to Frownies, they've technically been around since the 1889!   Brand new at Discount Beauty Center, these simple sticky pads were originally created by a mother who wanted to soften the wrinkles that appeared in her young daughter's face.  Frownies wrinkle reducers not only can prevent the face from forming wrinkles, but are also actually capable of eliminating them!   "Impossible!" you say... but we're not kidding.   The technology is actually very simple.  The stick-on pads are applied to places where physical wrinkles are common (typically around the eyes, forehead, and mouth).  At night, the pads "re-educate" the skin to return back to its natural, unwrinkled state.  They also prevent the face from squinting and/or frowning.  Results can be seen as soon as overnight, but will remain if used every night for about three weeks.  The pads are made of natural, skin-friendly materials, so there's no risk of irritation.  Click here for some before or after pics. Celebrities like Rashida Jones from The Office and Rene Russo have been the unofficial spokespeople for the brand, claiming they work wonders for their skin.   Unlike Botox and other wrinkle removing procedures, Frownies yield no-pain, are easy to use, and are affordable!  Frownies are available in two shapes: for foreheads and between the eyes, and corners of eyes and mouth. For more information, visit Frownies Official Website.

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