Look Sexy Eyes Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes have been the center of the beauty worlds ever since designers from Chanel to Dior revealed the look in their 2013 spring fashion shows. This cosmetic trend is surprisingly simple to achieve and very versatile, as you can experiment with different hues, styles and intensities.

pucci-makeupWoman eye



For a sultry, smoky look, play up your summer glow and add bronzed gold and dark browns. Start by lining your entire eye with a black or brown pencil. Next, apply a shimmery (lighter) gold shadow to your lids, we suggest using Girlactik’s Shimmer Eye, and then blend with cocoa brown shadow. In the creases, create a V to extend past the outer corners to your lower lash lines. Finish with an extra layer of mascara, a smidgen of blush and a hint of a lip. This will give you the look of a sun-kissed golden goddess!



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