Lesser-known Cosmetics You Should Be Aware of

If you open up your makeup kit, it's very likely that there will be classics like lipstick, foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow . . . believe it or not, you're collection of cosmetics may not be as complete as you believe it to be. Below are some examples of beauty items that are obscure to some, and yet can be wonderfully useful to all.

EYE SHADOW PRIMER - Applying eyeshadow can be quite a tedious and artful process, one that you may not have time to perform multiple times throughout the long day. The application of eyeshadow primer makes your shadow more blended and to prevents it from sliding into the creases. EYE CREAM - Believe it or not, your eyes benefit from having a separate cream from what you use for the rest of your face. The skin is particularly thin and delicate, and doesn't naturally produce as much moisture as your complexion. Therefore, it contains more oil than most facial creams (and less SPF, as this area is less frquently exposed to direct rays). It is one of the areas in which wrinkles will first become apparent, so it is wise to take preventative measures. Plus, it is fantastic to use when wanting to soften your cuticles. HIGHLIGHTER - To give your skin that extra glow without the pink of blush or the brown of bronzer, apply a highlighter. It will balance out your complexion's tone and give your skin a healthy, dewy look that appears seamlessly natural. It's best applied to the cheekbones and can be used below the eyes as well. TINTED MOISTURIZER - A great cosmetic for the summer, tinted moisturizer evens skin tone and yet is light as a feather compared to heavy foundation. It is effortless to apply, looks completely natural, will soak into your face so you don't have to worry about streaking and should have SPF to help protect your complexion from harmful UV rays. DRY SHAMPOO- while we have all heard of dry shampoo, we often have negative associations of it being "dirty". In reality, it is God's gift to women. Not only will it extend the life of your hairstyles so you don't have use hot damaging hot tools as frequently, but it can save time on those days in which you are running late and allows you to retain your locks' silky moisture without the oily appearance. Plus, by reducing the amount of times you vigorously scrub at your dyed tresses, you can have your mane's color last longer. Tell us, about your favorite beauty products that you think other readers should give a try!

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