Kim Vo, Hair Stylist To The Stars!

We are proud to offer a new line by Kim Vo.  Kim Vo is a hair stylist to the stars.  You may have seen him on hit shows Extreme Makeover (ABC), The Daily 10 (E!) and his new hit show, Shear Genius (on Bravo).


Kim Vo started his hair styling career at "The Spot" in New York, which is a very upscale salon.  He then moved to Hollywood where he styled President Bill Clinton and then First Lady Hilary Clinton's Hair.  Since then, he has opened his own salons "B2V" where his star clientele features such A-listers as Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson. Kim Vo saw the need to create his own line of hair care products that would match the expertise that he has developed over the years.  We are proud to offer this line to you.


The line consists of 6 hair care products and 7 styling products.  Kim Vo blended Vietnamese Botanicals with the latest French Nanotechnology to develop his line.  The featured ingredients of each product are; Boket:  A Vietnamese botanical.  Boket is the secret to beautiful hair in Asia. Also known as the Vietnamese Honey Locust Bean, it has an extremely high sugar content coupled with D-Pinitol, a super efficient sugar metabolizer. ME-10:  ME-10 gives revolutionary color protection. Most bottles have 16 washes, but ME-10 preserves color for 20 washes, going beyond the bottle. Nanotechnology delivers innovative silicone into the hair cuticles, supplying moisture, repairing split ends and healing over-processed hair. Then it seals the cuticles firmly locking in nutrients, hydration and color. All the ingredients are transferred to the hair on a cellular level through a cutting-edge delivery system. CAPISPHERES, pioneered by the French beauty industry, are microspheres with a reparative complex of fatty acids, avocado oil and wheat flower lipids and deliver all the actives deep into the hair shaft. With a natural positive charge, they instantly bind to the negatively charged keratin of the hair shaft. Kim Vo products are both sulfate and sodium chloride free and can be used on all color and keratin treated hair. Kim Vo products are also safe to use with all hair extensions. Check out all of Kim Vo's products here!


Kim Vo 10 Minute Makeover using his line of products

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