Just In! Urban Decay Fall 2009 Collection.

Be the first to have the new Urban Decay Fall 2009 Collection!  This fall, Urban Decay has paired supersaturated, rich color with feather-soft formulas.  Inspired by the rich, velvety hues found in the plumes of a peacock, these colors surround eyes and lips with dimension and depth of color.  It's the perfect way to be beautiful in touch economic times...gorgeous for a small price tag, luxury at little cost, something special for a song. Like a peacock feather, Urban Decay's fall colors are intense, yet grounded in the real world...unusual, but infinitely wearable.  So even if you're wearing last season's jeans, apply their new lush liners (in a never-before-seen compact), slick on our creamy, saturated lipsticks and experience our incredible Deluxe Eyeshadows.  The richness of each hue leaves you feeling satisfied, but wanting more. The Fall 2009 Lineup: Ink For Eyes: ink-for-eyes1 Razor-sharp or soft and sexy?  Now you can have it both ways! It's everything you want in a cream liner:  more precision than a pencil, more forgiving than a liquid.  This ultra-creamy formula offers buildable coverage and increased control and play time. New Shades:  Zero, Binge, Loaded, Demolition, Empire,  and Pyrotechnics.  $20.00/each Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow  High Art!  These 3 New Shades come in different compacts with art ranging from Graffiti to Japanese inspired.  This Fall, they are adding more high voltage sheen, shimmer and color to their Arsenal of Deluxe Eyeshadows.  Featuring: Freakshow (purple w/red sheen), Frigid (purple w/blue sheen) and Ruthless (netural champagne). $18.00/each. Lipstick: A nod to today's fashion, and Urban Decay's past. Customers have been begging for more Lipstick Shades like the dark and sexy - but totally shear and wearable - Apocalypse.  Enter Confession, a deep burgundy shade. And for Urban Decay Junkies, they've relaunched Oil Slick, a glossy black infused with microsparkle.   NOT your opaque high school goth lipstick, Oil Slick lends a deep, sophisticated shine to lips.  Sexy! The deep shades are balanced by Naked, a creamy pink nude that shares its shade with our best-selling Naked XXX Shine Lip Gloss Lipsticks are $22.00/Each 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil: Ask and you shall receive.  More Neutral lips in 09! What keeps 24/7 pencils on top of the industry's best selling list season after season?  Their creamy, long-wearing formula.  Waterproof without ever feeling dry or cakey, 24/7 Pencils stay put.  So go ahead...pout, sip, and kiss all you want! Featuring:  Paranoid and Wallflower:  $16.00/each Surreal Skin Cream-To-Powder Foundation:  skintocream Smooth skin to satiny perfection!  Want porcelain-perfect coverage AND a modern, natural finish?  Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder Foundation is your answer.  This ultra-lightweight formula transforms from a decadent cream to a micro-fine powder upon contact with skin.  you won't believe the instant transformation! Lower compartment of compact stores custom brush! Featuring:  Nirvana, Dream, SuperNova, Trance, Hallucination, Vision and Mirage:  $34.00/each Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup A love letter to our bronzed friends (both natural and not)... surrealmineral The same great product, now more options!  Whether used alone for darker complexions, or blended with lighter shades for a bronzing effect, the 4 new shades of Mineral Makeup have you covered. Now with a mess-free application system!  The freeway-friendly component includes a built-in dispenser, topped with a tick puff.  Just click to "on", puff, then buff to a flawless finish. Features:  Fortune, Destiny, Trippy, and Fantasy:  $29.00/each New Primer Potions: Yes, it's the product that needs no introduction - the cult favorite, the industry standard, the blogger's delight...it's the shadow brightener, crease stopper, looooongest lasting Eyeshadow Primer in the beauty world today...Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion! There's no debating Eyeshadow Primer Potion's position in the beauty industry.  It was time to expand the little franchise with a whole line of Primer Potions!  All packaged in magical, genie bottle-inspired packaging, our press-worthy collection of Primers has everything you need for lashes, lips and complexion. Who needs plastic surgery when you have Primer Potions? Complexion Primer Potions: $30.00/each 6806268061 Brightening:  Ideal for complexions that need moisture.  Also gives oilier skin a radiant glow that never looks greasy. Pore Perfecting:  Ideal for oilier skin, but drier complexions that want pore perfection will love it, too!     Eyelash Primer Potion: $20.00  Eyelash Primer Potion Your lashes will look fake, but the magic is real! Falsies?  No way!  Thanks to the Eyelash Primer Potion, you can LOOK like you've had some assistance, without the hassle, glue and gunk of false eyelashes. Wave this magic wand before applying your favorite mascara.  Lashes will appear thicker, longer and stronger...right before your very eyes!     Coming Soon:  Lip Primer Potion I'm sure you all can't wait to try these products!  I know I can't!

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