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We at Discount Beauty Center are proud to introduce new Fragrances by Clean Perfume, Michael Kors, a new body cream by Donna Karan, new cosmetics by Borghese and a new shine spray by Bain De Terre!  We absolutely love the entire line of Clean Perfume.  Their fragrances make you smell so fresh, like you just jumped out of the shower.  I guess we're not the only ones!  Their Fresh Laundry Perfume was recently featured on the Today Show! Here are some of the new products that we have taken in and a little bit of information about each; Clean Shower Fresh Men's EDT Spray:  Retail:  $74.00.  Your Price:  $66.59. Shower Fresh for Men...his first step out of the shower. Bottled.  Clean Wellness Purity Clean Wellness Purity Woman EDP Spray and Clean Wellness Harmony Woman EDP Spray:  Retail: $69.  Your Price:  $61.99 CLEAN Perfume, having successfully captured the nostalgic scents of pure soap and fresh laundry in feel-good fragrances, has encapsulated the essence of yet another one of life's feel good experiences with WELLNESS by CLEAN- a new collection inspired by the serenity of mind and body. Simplicity meets beauty and luxury in Harmony and Purity, two transportive fragrances that evoke feelings of relaxation, blissful rejuvenation and all-encompassing well-being. In a time where mind/body balance and natural products have become a priority, Harmony and Purity interpret the sacred and natural for those who appreciate the benefits of relaxation, and seek the perfect complement to life’s quiet pauses. The natural scents are free of synthetics or petroleum, and the formula’s corn-derived alcohol base is safe for even more sensitive skin types. Natural ingredients – free of potentially irritating agents – such as green tea, Vitamin-E & floral extracts, contribute to the overall calming and wellness qualities, further ensuring peace of mind. When applied to the body’s key pressure points, Harmony and Purity bring the tranquility and calm of a spa atmosphere to every moment of the day, promoting lasting wellbeing and sensations of serenity. Clean Warm Cotton Woman EDP Spray:  Retail: $38.  Your Price:  $33.99. So pure, so fresh, it captures the feeling of a fluffy, warm towel just pulled from the dryer or slipping into your favorite T-shirt line-dried in the summer sun.   Clean Ultimate Woman EDP Spray:  Retail:  $38.  Your Price:  $33.99. The Ultimate Clean Experience! CLEAN ULTIMATE combines juicy notes of Italian Bergamot and Provencal Lemon with Lavender, Jasmine, White Rose and Muguet, and then intertwines them with sensual Neroli and Musk to create a fragrance experience filled with freshness, warmth and depth. Clean Simply Soap Woman EDP Spray:  Retail:  $69  Your Price:  $61.99. Subtle, streamlined, yet sexy. Simply Soap.   Clean Lather Woman EDP Spray:  Retail:  $38.  Your Price:  $33.99. Clean, pure, soapy lather just rinsed from your skin. Island Bermuda Woman EDP Spray by Michael Kors:  Retail:  $62.00  Your Price:  $55.79 (free shipping).   68325 Introducing Island Michael Kors Bermuda—an escape into breezy, floral fragrance bliss. Experience the exotic blend of tropical passion flowers and smooth cedar wood that will transport you to a world of relaxed luxury. Once you get there, you will never want to come back Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Body Cream (Jar):  Retail:  $48  Your Price:  $43.19 Inspired by the soft, sensual feeling of cashmere against bare skin. Cashmere Mist is a fragrance light enough to wear all over your body, all year long. It seduces the senses - skin, scent, and spirit. Bain De Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving Shine Spray:   Retail:  $13  Your Price:  $10.39

2X the shine all day!
Provides incredible long-lasting shine while maintaining the strength and integrity of color-treated hair. UVA & UVB sunscreens protect color, and reduce breakage by over 66%

  New Borghese cosmetics: Linea Precisa Liquid Eyeliner (black):  Retail:  $18.50  Your Price:  $15.73 Long-lasting and water resistant, the eyeliner goes on precisely and flawlessly thanks to its easy-glide felt tip applicator. Eyeliner will not smudge or run, and adds shape and definition to any eye. The result: an elegant and polished finish. Lumina Hydrating Concealer (available in Rosso, Neutrale or Oro):  Retail:  $23.50  Your Price:  $19.98 A remarkable new concealer that does so much more than cover up undereye shadows. This dual-action, advanced formula concealer and firmer works to balance skin texture and smoothness. It helps restore strength and tone to the entire eye area while it helps to de-puff and firm the delicate eye tissue. It also deflects dark shadows as it smoothes away the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Your eyes will appear refreshed, radiant and younger-looking. Luminoso Illuminating Wand:  Retail:  $29.50.  Your Price:  $25.08 Whisk away imperfections and reveal radiance with our take-anywhere brush-on wand highlighter and concealer. Remove the hint of shadows or fatigue from under your eyes, brighten the bridge of the nose or contour the lip lines with this long-wearing treatment concealer. Great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Atrista Exact Match Concealer:   Retail:  $29.50.  Your Price:  $25.08  Artista Exact Match Concealer Multiple shades, multiple coverage options. This concealer kit provides three shades which allow you to mix and blend to any complexion shade. Coverage can vary from medium to heavy allowing you to conceal dark under-eye circles, blemishes and other skin imperfections. Repels against water to allow flawless wear. Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara - Prima Plum:  Retail:  $19.00.  Your Price:  $16.15 After one use of our thickening mascara, you will understand why it is called "Superiore." Infused with a built-in, silk-powder foundation for superior wear, delicate lashes are coddled in natural conditioners while providing smudge-proof, flake-proof coverage. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes Splendore Brightening Body Glow:  Retail:  $35.50.  Your Price:  $30.18 Give your body a flawless look with this lightweight, moisturizing shimmer lotion. The subtle shimmer brightens and flatters any skin tone leaving gorgeous radiance. Minor skin imperfections are camouflaged and skin tone appears more even. Skin is lightly scented and hydrated with added vitamins and glycerin. Crema Straordinaria Essenza Revitalizing Serum:  Retail:  $96.00.  Your Price:  $81.59 (free shipping)  Crema Straordinaria Essenza Serum A super-concentrated serum formulated to provide prolonged firming and “lifting” as it re-energizes, re-texturizes and rejuvenates the skin. Its silky texture glides over the skin lightly, absorbs instantly and immediately goes to work to actively minimize fine lines and wrinkles. As always, if you have any questions, please comment or e-mail us at contactus@discountbeautycenter.com

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