Innovative Hair and Makeup Tools That are Changing the Way we Style

It can take hours of practice to get down a certain makeup or hair styling technique. Practice makes perfect right? But with the latest advancements in the hair and makeup industry, it might not have to anymore. High-end beauty brands have been developing and releasing innovative tools that make it easier to create desired looks. Thanks to advancements in technology, original application tactics are going out with the old and in with the new. The method of applying hair and makeup is changing as new tools are released to the market. We couldn’t help but marvel at the revolutionary application techniques of these contemporary hair and cosmetic tools.


The Twirl 360 Motion Sensing Auto Rotating 1.25 Inch Curling Iron by T3 for $230 – Do you struggle to get your hair to sport bouncy, soft curls? If so, then the Twirl 360 Curling Iron may be your hair styling savior. The barrel rotates automatically to generate effortless curls and waves with just a simple turn of the wrist. T3 has developed its own gyroscopic technology to use in its curling iron masterpiece, which detects motion to move and rotate with precision.

 The Cosmetics O! Circle Brush by Cailyn Cosmetics for $69.99 – When putting on foundation, it isn’t hard to miss some spots. The O! Circle Brush achieves a flawless airbrush finish with just one clean sweep in seconds! The innovation of this tool is its unique brush design, which consists of ultra-soft, micro-fine bristles and ergonomic palm grip for pressure control. Simply blend the foundation onto your skin in a gentle, circular motion.

The Stylus BlowOut Nano Ceramic Hair Dryer by Fhi for $179.99 – Achieving a blowout can be tricky, but not with the Stylus! This hairdryer is made with a combined handle and nozzle design that allows complete control of the hot air for quick drying and styling. It is considered the hair industry’s first-ever blowout hair dryer. A plethora of attachments are included with the appliance for styling multiple ways.

 The Profiles Professional Dual Hand And Pedicure Nail Dryer by Belson for $69.99 – Unlike typical nail dryers, the Belson Profiles Dual Hand & Pedicure Dryer has control buttons that allow you to select warm air, cool air, or UV light when drying your nails. It features an ergonomic rubber hand rest for nail care action while the other hand dries. Another functional button makes the dryer rise so that the feet nails can dry and receive a pedicure.


These ground-breaking styling tools just might be what you need to get that must-have look you’ve been trying to create. Once you see the results, you may never go back to your old styling tool ever again! Browse through our online inventory to check out more innovative hair and makeup supplies and tools, like our hair crimpers



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