How to Use Coverage Makeup Brushes and What they are for

There are many techniques for applying makeup. Some of us ladies use our fingers while others use the tiny sponge applicators that come with each eyeshadow palette. However, the best method for perfecting a look is using makeup brushes – tools specifically designed for cosmetic application. In fact, there is a brush for every type of cosmetic coverage application including concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer. With so many brushes available to use, knowing which one is for what coverage application can quickly become confusing and intimidating. It is also difficult to determine how each brush is used, since they all vary in shape. But, there’s no need to feel discouraged – with this helpful guide, you’ll have a flawless appearance in no time.

Foundation Brush: To use this brush for applying foundation, it must first be dampened in warm water (not soaked!). The wet bristles, which are packed tightly and tapered, will allow the application to be smooth and have even distribution. To remove excess water from the brush, squeeze it tight with a paper towel and then dip it in the foundation.

Concealer Brush: The soft bristles, flat shape, pointed tip and wide base make this brush ideal for hiding problem areas of the face with concealer. Use the brush to cover up broken capillaries, discoloration, pimples and purple under the eyes.

Powder Brush: With just one swift sweep onto the skin, the fully rounded and soft bristles can be used to distribute bronzer or powder. To use it, just load the bristles with the powder and shake off any excess. Then sweep it across the skin for a flawless look.

Fan Brush: This brush looks exactly as it is described - like a fan. This brush can be used for two different purposes. One is to remove unwanted extra powder from the skin that has fallen from previous applications such as putting on eyeshadow. The other is to apply a light base of powder for a velvety effect.

Contouring Brush: To create a defined and dramatic appearance, the contouring brush should be used to highlight the face with bronzer or illuminating powder. The bristles mimic the shape of the cheekbones with their rounded and slanted shape. It can apply various cosmetic materials such as cream, powder or gel.

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