How to Transition a Smoky Eye from Day to Night

Smoky eyes . . . they’re sexy, flirty and edgy. I believe that every woman owes it to herself to try it at least once. Good news is, the smoky-eye-look can be styled to be “classy and ladylike,” and then easily modified to “a sexy, late night” appearance. Last night at work, I did just that with my makeup. At the beginning of my shift at the restaurant, there were lots of families and so I wore simple makeup. However, as the night progressed into more of a party atmosphere, so did my personal look. An adaptable smoky eye is easy to achieve with a few simple tricks. Last night, I used Too Faced MoonBeam Baked Eye Shadow and was very impressed. It lasted all throughout an eleven hour shift, was super blend-able and it had just the right amount of sparkle to make it look sassy instead of trashy. To start off the day, I used another light green eyeshadow on my whole eyelid and blended it into the lid. I then lightly applied Moon Beam Baked Eye Shadow on my crease. The goal was to achieve a subtle tint instead of bold, statement making color, so I only pressed down slightly. Feel free to add a single coat of mascara, but avoid using eyeliner for now. To smoothly transition this look to night, slightly wet the tip of your brush and then apply the same eye shadow to the area above your lash line, using slightly more pressure than before. Don’t worry about being precise, as you will next use a smudge brush and blend it into the lid. While the subtle green shade was suitable for a daytime affair, darker shades are needed to obtain a sexier eye. Next, line your lower lash line using the same eye shadow; utilize the thicker part of the thin brush on the outer half of your lower lid, and then switch to using the brush’s tip as you approach the inner corners. To add extra oomph, use a dry brush to add another layer of the eye shadow to your outer crease, though I found such a step unnecessary with the baked eye shadow. Apply another coat of mascara and you’re ready to rock & roll!      

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