How to Support Your Home Team & Look Good Doing It!

Being a team player is something that we have always been encouraged starting from childhood and throughout the years we have been more selective with our teams. When it comes to sports we choose our favorite team based on plenty of aspects such as home state, star quality, mascot and even team colors. In this day and age, sports aren't just a guy thing as the girls can readily take part in getting into the game, especially when it comes to college sports. Sports are a big part of college life but so is fashion and sometimes wearing your favorite player’s jersey doesn't quite make the grade in fashion. In fact, it might have the fashion police calling a penalty and benching you for the rest of the game. Fashion and sports may be on opposite ends of the spectrum but, that doesn't mean you can only have one or the other. Here’s how you can add a little school spirit to your everyday look and look good while doing it.

Blue and Gold

Blue and gold is a popular color combination when it comes to college sports and lucky for the fashionista in you, it is also a combination that allows for super cute and versatile looks. If you bleed blue and gold then you’ll love this college ensemble that you can easily take from the classroom to the bleachers.
  When it comes to dressing for game day, keep it simple and of course comfortable. On a warm day that will have rooting for your team outside, go for a cute tank in white with ruffle detailing or a peplum and pair it with blue pants. All schools use a different blue, so if your team is all about periwinkle, match your pants to that shade as best as possible. To show off your fashionable side, accessorize with a statement necklace that has both of your school colors in it. Make sure you have a good size bag to carry your snacks in because you wouldn’t want to miss the game with having to run to the concession stand. Finally, when it comes to your shoes, flats are a great choice whenever you’re out at a game because they’re perfect to jump up in down in when your team just scored the winning touchdown. When your overall look is tame, go for the gold, literally, when it comes to shoes and throw a little glitter in for a feminine chic touch.
When you’re dressing up in your school colors be sure not to overdo it when it comes to showing your team spirit so always let the outfit do the work while your makeup compliments. For a blue and gold themed outfit your best bet is to use one color so you don’t look too coordinated; yes there is such a thing. Keep the look clean with a good foundation, nude lip and minimal blush or bronzer. Choose gold for the eyes and pair it with a bronze or brown to go for a smokey eye affect. Touch it up with a little mascara and eye liner and you’re all set.

Purple and Gold

Purple and gold are both in the royal family so your outfit is sure to be a royal flush when it comes to this look.  If spring isn’t quite here yet, skip the tank top and go for a light weight gold sweater to keep you warm when you’re cooling down during half time. To add some wow factor to your gold toned top, go for purple printed pants such as these purple laced print pants. Sports are all about the last few seconds of the game so, you want to make sure you’re always on time and a great outfit needs a great watch. With so much richness going on, tone it down with neutral colored bag and shoes. Here we have a white bag and black wedges but tan or vice versa would work just as well.  Just as suggested for the blue and gold look, you want to keep it clean, but with a richer color palette a smidge more won’t hurt. When going for a smokey eye for this look, rely on your purple instead of the gold this time. Avoid using silver as a highlight with this look as it will clash with the gold, instead use a lighter purple or pink. Depending on your complexion as well as the shades of purple you use, you may be able to go for some color on your lips but remember a little goes a long way and to keep it in the family.

Blue and White

Basic colors need a simple look but of course with some fashionable flare to it. Here is how to dress up for your blue and white team.  Blue and white says simple so when it comes to choosing a look, minimalistic is best. To show your sporty side yet with a flare of spring fashion, a white summer style dress is a great pick, especially pared with a stylish cardigan in blue. When accessorizing, avoid gold as your school colors are blue and white so instead when it comes to jewelry go for silver. Jewelry is also a great way to add a pop of color into your otherwise monotone wardrobe but, remember to stay away from any color that belongs to the team your school is play against that night. To finish the look, don a simplistic cross body bag and white slip on shoes. Feel free to go for blue when it comes to your shoes but, do your best to match it to the blue of your cardigan.  With blue and white being staple colors, it’s best to go for a natural look to maintain an effortless look. Bronzer is your friend when it comes to the au natural makeup but, use it sparingly. You want to look as you have a slight sun kissed look, not that you were burned by it. Now that you have some great looks to choose from, no matter your team you’ll be ready to cheer them on. If your school color wasn’t included on the list no worries as these tips can lend themselves easily for whatever school spirit you have to show.
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