How to Style your Pixie Haircut

Jennifer Lawrence is the latest celebrity to shed her long locks in favor of a sleek, confident pixie. Day-to-day, she’s able to switch from a punkish look to a sleek, ladylike demeanor. If you find yourself inspired and want to try out a shorter hairdo, below are some tips to making sure your cut always looks its best.


1)      Before the scissors are whipped out, make sure that you have a specific idea of what kind of pixie you want – are you inspired by the bob-like cut Pixie famously sported with longer bangs, or the shorter look Carey Mulligan usually features. Photographs will help to convey to the stylist what you precisely envision much more than mere words can.


2)      Texturizing spray (we recommend Aquage) will help to provide feminine volume to a look that could be perceived as being somewhat boyish. For an easily manageable, full-body look, flip your hair and give your tresses a few spritzes and use your fingers to work it into your locks. It will look light and natural. For a more rock-and-roll style, find strong pomade that will add height to your overall look.


3)      Hair with a little bit of natural oil will take on shape more easily, so do not wash your strands on a daily basis. So you don’t have to contend with the look of greasy roots, we recommend using dry shampoo to absorb the excess dirt. As an added bonus, it also does a miraculous job of providing your hair with desirable body.


4)      For a sleek and sexy look, work smoothing cream into your wet locks, and follow this up with a blow dryer. Following this, use a hair straightener to tame curls and flyways. Because most flat irons are too large to be used on your roots, choose a smaller version that will allow you for increased control. Most women prefer a sexy side-part that will add interesting, flattering angles to your face.


5)      Regardless of whether you’re going for an edgy feel or smooth style,   accessories will be your friend. Your ears will be exposed, so don’t neglect to bedazzle your earlobes with beautiful earrings. Hairbands will help to diversify your appearance and add a bit of sparkle or floral femininity to your hairstyle.  For a dramatic look, consider wrapping a scarf around your tresses.


6)      One final tip – never make the decision to take the leap when you’re riding on strong emotions of any sort. Instead, wait a few days or a week before following through on your initial thought. This will give you plenty of times to become use to the idea and carefully review whether the change is one you would later regret or not.


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