How to Straighten Hair Without Damage

Tips+to+Make+Your+Hair+Pin-StraightSo many of us dream about silkily smooth, shiny straight hair, and so we go the local drug store and pick out the cheapest flat iron they have. And yes, it works at first, giving us passable results. However, fast forward a little bit, and don’t be surprised to find yourself with a frizzy mane that has no glisten and, perhaps, even breakage. This is entirely preventable, as long as you're willing to take a few simple steps:

1) A quality hair straightener might be more expensive, but it will save you plenty of grief in the long run. Search for a flat iron that has ceramic or titanium plates that evenly distribute the heat, like Babyliss Pro, as well as one that has adjustable temperatures; the thinner the hair, the less the degree of heat should be. 2) As hot tools dry your follicles, help to rejuvenate your mane with a moisturizing shampoo. Furthermore, you can lessen the needed exposure to the scorching plates when you use a smoothing conditioner. It’s also advisable to buy a heat protection product that can be applied prior to straightening your hair to help lock in the shine (be careful to apply a thin layer, as excessive oil will make your appearance greasy). When venturing out on a summer’s day, prevent the sun from frying your tresses by utilizing a sunscreen mist that is specifically for hair. Untitled3) Try not to use your hot tool on a daily basis – you should not be washing your hair every day (this will make your hair especially dry), so your locks will normally not be exposed to water that will ruin the smooth sheen. While wanting to quickly run the straightener through your hair to maintain your look is understandable, there really is no reason to significantly iron your mane when it is mostly straight. Have any tips or tricks you think our readers would benefit from? Let us know in the comment section below!

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