How to Prepare Your Skin and Hair for Spring: The Transition

Whether we realize it or not, the change of weather has an effect on our skin and hair. As the cold, frigid climate slowly shifts to warmer, humid temperatures, our bodies naturally adapt. But, there are some aspects of our anatomy we can’t control – like frizzy hair, oily skin, and scalp flakiness. Therefore, your beauty glow may need some preparation to overcome the weather transition. To do that, you’ll need to make sure your makeup and hair supply is spring-ready so that you can manage your routine without being hindered by a difference in your physique. Not sure how to stay prepped? Stick with these life-saving tips to keep your look on game.


The Skin Care Switch

When the summer hits, skin is always in. That means we need to keep our skin looking healthy and gorgeous by maintaining it – especially before the outdoor environment gets hot.


When you notice the air getting warmer, switch your moisturizer for something a little lighter, like a hyaluronic acid-like formula. The skin will only need minimal protection from drying out because it holds more water in warmer weather. For example, you can swap your foundation for the Hydrawear Liquid Foundation by Emani Cosmetics, which is a formula made of hyaluronic acid that can last up to 12 hours.


Increase the SPF level of your lotion and makeup to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. This key element can’t be stressed enough! Ignoring this can result in harmful outcomes to your skin.


To achieve a natural glow, exfoliate your skin when it is dry. Doing so gets rid of dead skin and helps unblock pores. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser scrub instead of a harsh scrub to go easy on your skin. The Very Clear Cleansing Scrub by Derma E is a great cleanser for promoting balanced, clear, and healthy skin.


Carry makeup wipes with you everywhere you go to wipe away sweat and dirt! 


Throw away products that are six months or older – they could host bacteria and be a cause of unclear skin.


The Hair Care Alteration

Your locks will need some extra attention as the climate goes from cold to hot. Make sure you maintain your hair and get it ready for warmer days to achieve beautiful, silky locks.


Snip off all of your dead ends. Pay a visit to your local hair salon and have your hair trimmed to give it a healthy look.


Switch your “dry hair” shampoo and conditioner to formulas for “normal hair”. Your hair gains a ton of moisture on its own in the summer, which is what causes all of the frizziness. Therefore, you should shy away from moisturizing hair care products. Opt for a hair care formula such as the 2Chic Ultra-Sleek Shampoo by Giovanni, which makes hair smooth, radiant, and glossy with special ingredients that banish frizz.


Keep anti-humidity hair spray on hand to avoid matted and slumped hair in the heat.


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