How-To: Make Your Spring Break Tan Last

sbSpring Break is just around the corner for most college students and with the weather warming up it’s time to hit the beach and enjoy the sun. When beach weather is around, some people can’t wait until break is over so they have to recuperate from horrible sunburn while others wish it would last longer so they could keep the tan they have worked so hard for. However, just because Spring Break has to end doesn’t mean your tan has to be history with it.  If you find yourself wishing to prolong your tan after your long ways from the beach, check out these three helpful tips to a longer lasting Spring Break Tan.

Get a good tanning lotion or spray

Though sunscreen is important when you want to get a tan, tanning lotion is just as important when it comes to getting a good even tan. Everyone has different types of skin so when picking out a lotion or spray, check to see if it caters to your specific skin type such as oily or dry skin. This may require you to spend a little extra when it comes to tanning lotions but, if you really want your tan to have an extended stay then the extra dollars are well worth it. Along with selecting a good tanning lotion, be sure that you are applying according to directions. Not all lotions have the same application process as some may require more applications than others.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

When it comes to beauty, moisturizing is key. For a healthy tan, first you have to have healthy skin and healthy skin needs to be rid of all dry and dead skin. We’ve all seen horrible streaky tans from tanning lotion or found that our tan has become uneven; this is usually caused by uneven skin. To avoid this, you need to exfoliate your skin prior to tanning of any kind, fake or natural, to ensure not only a smooth and even tan but, also a long lasting one. For an even longer tan, keeping your skin hydrated in conjunction with the exfoliation process is recommended so after a good exfoliation apply a good moisturizer to your skin.


If you want a tan to last longer, first you have to get one and the best way to do this is in a gradual manner. The longer it takes you to receive your tan the more likely it will last longer. This can be done through different processes the first being through the use of a good sunscreen. Everyone knows by now that tanning can be damaging and that’s why there is sunscreen but, not everyone knows that the type of sunscreen you use can determine the extent of your tan. If you plan to go for a natural tan then always use a high factor sunscreen before tanning and of course use it frequently. This will allow for a gradual tanning rather than a quick tan. The second process for a gradual tan is through what is known as a gradual tanner. A gradual tanner is great for those who don’t have the time to lay out in the sun all Spring Break.   Whether fake or natural your tan can be extended through these three easy steps that can be done separately or together. However, to ensure an evenly distributed longer lasting tan take all of these suggestions into consideration. Happy tanning!
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