How to Make Lipstick Last

Red LipstickThe season, the time of day, your skin tone, your outfit . . . these all play a pivotal role in your decision on which colors to wear on your lips. Every outfit or makeup look can always use a pop of color. Whether you decide on a ruby red or a shimmery nude, a pressing concern is the question of how to make the look last. Yes, you can repeatedly dart into to the bathroom to reapply your lipstick or keep a mirror in your bag so you can smear it on in public, but doesn’t that get to be tedious if not a little awkward? There are simple practices you can take in your morning routine to give your lips long lasting color. The miracle product, the answer to your prayers, is rather uncomplicated: loose powder. It may sound a bit odd but, if you follow certain steps, your lipstick will look freshly applied for many hours to come. 1) To make your lip products last, it is important that they are applied to a clean surface. Therefore, once or twice a week, gently rub your lips with a washcloth to get rid of flaky dead cells. Follow this with nourishing lip balm to provide your pucker with the moisture it needs and, voilà, your lips are soft and smooth for your daily makeup routine. 1002clp400_bd8f772) With the right shade of lip liner, outline the shape of your lips, making them really pop. Proceed to swipe on that favorite color, but be sure to do so lightly. 3) With your finger or a brush, apply a thin layer of loose powder (such as this one by Elizabeth Arden) to your lips. This acts like a matte primer, making that color everlasting. Put on a second layer of the color. 4) For bolder and darker colors, use a small brush to define the outside of your mouth with concealer for a look that is clean of smudgy edges. With these techniques, you’re sure to last all day or night without having to check a mirror or excuse yourself to the ladies room. After all, when you’re having a fun time, the last thing you want to worry about is reapplying lipstick.

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