How to Look Fresh After a Workout

The benefits of exercise are boundless. Not only does physical activity keep our body fit and toned, but it increases endorphins, helps prevent circular diseases, boosts energy, and helps to maintain a normal sleep schedule. However, with a busy schedule, many of us struggle to find time to squeeze a workout into our hectic day, let alone the time it takes to get beautified after the workout. Just think about it: that hour long break during the work day would be a perfect time for a brief trip the gym, if only we did not look like a hot, sweaty mess upon our return. Below, we provide a few tips on maintaining a fresh look after your workout so you can sneak away during your lunch hour. 1) If you have limited time to workout (which is probably the case), choose a workout that is high-impact so you will be able to burn the unwanted calories in a shorter period, freeing up more time to clean up after exercising. 2) Remove all foundation in order to prevent pimples and the sweaty mixtures from clogging your pores. Sweat mixed with dead skin cells and bacteria is a prime formula for causing acne outbreaks, so do yourself a favor and clean your face prior to exercising. Moist towelettes are easy to store in your purse and will also be helpful when cleaning your skin post-workout. If your workout is outside, don’t forget to wear sweat-proof sunscreen! While exercising, routinely pat yourself with a towel instead of the back of your hand to limit germs and sweat. 3) Thick, cloth headband to keep sweat out of your face and soaks up perspiration. Make sure that your bangs are pinned back, as these are extra susceptible to picking up grease and sweat. If you are drenched after your workout, use a blow dry to quickly remove moisture from your hair and then brush in a little bit of dry shampoo to help be rid of the excess oil and add body. 4) Splash cold water on your face to minimize your pores and prevent blotchy redness. Using the same hair dryer as before, blast cool air on your face to help freshen up. Wait a few minutes before applying any makeup to your skin, as you continue to sweat even after you stop exercising.If your skin is naturally oily, wear a light powder on your skin. However, if your skin is dryer in nature, consider a tinted moisturizer. Avoid heavy foundations, as this is more likely to clog your skin. Apply lip balm to moisturize your lips after the heavy huffing and puffing.
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