How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Everyone knows the feeling when your hair could quite possibly be drier than the Sahara Desert on a hot summer day. It’s never fun when your hair feels as though it’s uncooked spaghetti that could just crumble at any second. But the good news is that there’s a way to prevent dry hair so that you can feel the healthiness dripping from it. Of course, that won’t literally happen, but it might as well!


Whether you’re male or female, whether you love your hair or hate it, it’s always a good idea to keep your hair hydrated. Not only can hair products from Image Beauty - even coloring your hair with their Rusk Hair dye - help achieve that perfect hydration, but there are also a few other, more natural methods. Here is how to keep your hair hydrated:


Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water - This may be no surprise because eating healthy has too many benefits to name. Luckily, your hair is one of them. By eating essential fatty acids, such as avocado, olives, and fish, you are naturally hydrating your hair. It is also a good idea to drink as much water as possible because drinking water is also a healthy, natural way to keep your hair hydrated.

Use moisturizing hair products - This is where Image Beauty can help. Using moisturizing products to keep your hair soft and hydrated can be achieved through the use of some of their new hair products by DevaCurl, Redken, and Pureology. Their DevaCurl Delight conditioner gives the perfect amount of hydration to wavy hair that needs weightless moisture. The new Pureology Fullfyl and Redken Curvaceous are also great products to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Avoid hair dryers as much as possible or use the right kind - Although sometimes it’s necessary to use a hair dryer, try to avoid it as much as possible. The heat can be very damaging and will easily dry out your hair. If you must use one, though, professional hair dryers from Image Beauty can help keep your hair softer and healthier with less static.



That’s how to keep your hair hydrated! Through the use of hair products and natural methods, you can have the softest and healthiest hair on the block. To learn more about keeping your hair hydrated, contact Image Beauty at 856-335-0415 or go to their website at

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