How to Have Teeth Appear Whiter

Why not start off the new year with an updated look and a fresh smile? There are plenty of ways to achieve this, whether it is through whitening strips or a cosmetic trip to the dentist. It is always wise to brush your teeth and routinely floss. To go the extra mile,  there are plenty of products designed to whiten your smile. Many people brush with ingredients like baking soda and peroxide which is effective but can be rough on your enamel Eating certain crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and celery will gently wipe away plaque from the surface of your chompers. To limit stains, drink liquids like grape juice and coffee through a straw. Furthermore, rinse out your mouth with water after consuming such drinks. Also, favor lip colors with cooler undertones rather than warmer, as this helps to make teeth appear less yellowed. Berry, pale pink and wine colors will really make your whiteness pop. Additionally, slick, shiny lips will help you smile really sparkle. On a similar note, wear jewelry and clothes that have blue undertones as well (choose silver over gold), and avoid white clothes that will draw attention to how non-white your smile is. A light bronzer being brushed on the cheeks will help to make your teeth really stand out.

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