How to Get the Perfect Manicure for Spring

Spring is here! Do you know what that means? It’s MANICURE SEASON! As all the beautiful flowers bloom, the world outside suddenly becomes carpeted with crowds of various colors. Fashion trends for 2016 are mimicking nature’s contagious array of vibrant hues across the board, including the nail category. A freshly painted set of nails adds instant color to any style outfit. But before the first coat is applied to the nails, maintenance is necessary to get the skin looking soft and moisturized. Do you work a lot with your hands? If so, they are probably in dire need of a manicure to freshen them up. Give your hands the treatment they deserve by beautifying them! Here’s quick guide to get your fingers looking fabulous for spring.


Remove Old Nail Polish: Start your spring nails off with a clean slate! Use a conditioning nail polish remover to rub off remnants of the previous shade.


Shape the Tips: All you need is a good file to shave off excess skin and give your nails shape. What shape will you go with for spring? A couple of common ones are square, almond, round, and oval.


Maintain the Cuticles: Use cuticle softener and remover to enhance the look of your cuticles. Push the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher tool – but be careful not to hurt your fingers!


Apply Base Coat: Putting on a clear base coat polish before you paint your nails will allow the polish to stick to your nail longer. It also acts as a barrier from the damaging effects of regular nail polish. The formula gives the polished nails an even texture and prevents peeling and staining.


Polish the Nails with Color: Now for the best part – painting the nails! Some trending colors for spring are pastel shades and royal blue, but it’s really all up to your style preference. We suggest opting for a shade from our Essie nail polish sale, which contains colors from their spring 2016 collection, such as Pool Side Service and Lounge Over.




Apply the Top Coat: Protect the nail color from chips and scratches by putting a top coat over it. A top coat is a clear nail polish that helps preserve the underlying color.


Moisturize: After your nails have dried, wash your hands and then lather them up with a moisture-rich hand cream or lotion.


Follow these easy steps and BAM! – You’ve got yourself a set of spring-ready manicured nails. Don’t be afraid to be creative when applying nail polish – there’s so many options and designs to wear! We suggest playing with shades from OPI and Zoya as well, which also have new collections out for the season. Visit our online wholesale beauty supply store to stock up on your favorite nail polish colors.  

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