How to Choose the Right Hairbrush Part 1 - Brush Types

Choosing the right hairbrush can be overwhelming!  So many different shapes, lengths, bristles, and brands!  Discount Beauty Center is here to help!  In part one,  we've summed up the major types of hairbrushes to help you find which one is right for you! 


I always use the same brushes: Mason Pearson for detangling and blowing out bangs and Spornette mixed bristle round brushes for blowouts. The mixed bristles grip the hair and create enough tension to get the hair really smooth without pulling on the hair. -- Celebrity Hairstylist Mark Townsend. [via Talking Makeup]

Paddle Brushes

Paddle brushes are typically square shaped, flat, and fairly wide compared to other brushes. They are great for everyday dry hair brushing and are typically used for smooth, straight styles.  Paddle brushes are best for people who have longer hair, as they cover a lot of surface area at once.  DBC recommends: Elegant Paddle Brush #748.

Cushion Brushes

In1885, Mason Pearson patented the pneumatic hairbrush cushion - at the time, a unique concept for a hairbrush  The Mason Pearson cushion brush is still today one of the most highly coveted hairbrushes on the market.  Cushion brushes are typically oval shaped and the bristles are come out of (what else?!) a cushion.  These brushes are perfect for any hair lengths (especially medium to long hair) and gentle enough for daily hair brushing.  DBC recommends: Mason Pearson Popular Mixed Bristle/Nylon Brush.

Vent Brushes

Vent brushes literally have open "vents" on them. They help with faster blow drying and with adding volume because the vents allow for increased air circulation.  These brushes are ideal when styling dry hair or detangling wet hair.   DBC recommends: Elegant Brush #608 Tunnel Vent Brush

Styling Brushes

Styling brushes have only about 5-8 rows of bristles that are typically made with nylon pins and boar bristles.  Their main purpose is to "style" the hair.  Many styling brushes are based on the "Denman Style" brush, a brush in which the cushions is rubber and slightly rounded to give the hair adding volume while brushing.  These brushes can be used to style all hair types.  DBC recommendsElegant "Denman Style" Brush #604.

Round Brushes

Round brushes come in many different diameters and their main purpose is to aid styling and blow-drying.  They can be used to straighten wavy hair or to create volume in straight hair.  Choose a large diameter if you have longer hair and want straight strands or choose a smaller diameter if you have shorter hair or want to use to create curls.  DBC recommends: Spornette Pronto Nano Round Brushes.  They come in 3 inch, 2 inch, 2½ inch, or 1½ inch diameters.

Thermal Brushes

Thermal brushes have real metal (usually aluminum) barrels and are ideal for styling while blowdrying.  The metal heats up like a curling iron, which leads to easy control over styling. They come in smaller diameters than your normal round brush.  These are ideal for creating curls and body in straight hair.   DBC recommends: Helen of Troy Hot Air Tangle Free Thermal Brushes.  Choose from ¾" diameter, 1" diameter, and 1½" diameter.

Ceramic Brushes

Ceramic brushes are a new technology of round brushes that contain a metal, ceramic core.  They are uniquely designed to help distribute the heat from the hair dryer and to speed up drying time, and at the same reduce frizz and static.   DBC recommends: Phillips Ceramic Vortexx Brushes.  Choose from the 2¼" diameter (Vortexx 4000), the 3" diameter (Vortexx 6000), or the 3½" diameter (Vortexx 8000). Or, for extra tourmaline technology, try the  Hai Elite 1" Round Brush.

Still Confused? 

Visit Spornette's Official Website, where they let you choose what you want to do with your hair and they recommend brushes specific to your needs!  Also, this handy chart summarizes the different types of brushes we mentioned in this article.   And, stay tuned for Part 2, where we review the different types of hairbrush bristles. Or, leave a comment and let us know what your favorite type of brushes are!

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