How Marula Oil Puts Your Hair Strands at an Advantage

If you are familiar with the hairstyling industry, then you’ve probably heard of just about every oil ingredient used in various haircare products. But there is one you might not have heard of, it’s called marula oil. The ingredient is being used more and more throughout the beauty supply market, and is featured in many high-end skin and hair products. So what is it that sets it apart from coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil and many others? The reason it has quickly become one of the hottest new ingredients for hair is because it provides moisture and smoothness without the greasiness.


Light Weight with Less Grease

How many times have you used an oil-infused hair product that made your strands limp and lubricious? Ladies who have thin hair usually have to shy away from oil-infused haircare products due to the overbearing greasy affect it has. But with marula oil, they can finally achieve the nourishment they need on their locks without the negative effects. And so can many other hair types, such as normal, thick, frizzy, curly or dry.


Hair Products Made With Marula Oil

Marula oil is also great for protecting the hair on the outside of the follicle. The solution of the oil is super light and absorbs fast, which is what makes it able to keep the hair hydrated. There are many benefits for using marula oil on the hair and scalp. To experience the amazing results that marula oil has on the hair, pick haircare products that are formulated with the ingredient.


Benefits of Marula Oil on the Hair

Marula oil enhances the follicles of the hair in a variety of ways. Aside from hydrating, rejuvenating and protecting the strands, marula oil instills a lustrous shine when mixed with Vitamin B complex. It also allows the hair to have more body when styled because of its lightweight texture, which doesn’t weigh hair down or make it look greasy. Paired with Keravis, the oil repairs and strengthens hair for renewal, which is great for color treated hair or damaged tresses.


Also, marula oil has a high antioxidant content, which helps to make hair colors more vibrant. The moisture and movement that the marula oil provides makes hair of all types easier to manage. Lastly, marula oil is also good for hair growth and hydrating the scalp.

Nano Works 

Try Nano Works Gold™ by Pureology

One such haircare label that uses golden marula oil in its ingredients is Nano Works Gold™ by Pureology. The haircare line is designed to clean aging and mature color-treated hair with a transforming, rich formula. The mixture works to restore youthful movement and make the tresses shinier. Those who want to hydrate and protect their color treated locks should opt for hair products made with marula oil such as Pureology. The Nano Works Gold™ collection consists of shampoo and conditioner, which is now available in our online store for below the retail value.


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