Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back To School We Go!

Parents, it's your favorite time of the year again where we get to kick the kids and young adults out of the house and send them on their way back to school (it's like Christmas for us, isn't it?).  Here's a funny Staples commercial about sending the kids back.   Now that they're back in school, it's time to get them prepared for the school year.  Lice tests will be coming up, make sure you're prepared with;

LadiBugs Live Prevention and Lice Elimination:

Don't let your kid be the "dirty kid" in class.  Most lice outbreaks occur at the beginning of the school year.  Make sure your kids are protected.  If they already have lice, use LadiBugs Lice Elimination kit.  Both products are chemical free and are safe to use!  
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