Heal and Replenish Chapped Lips

Dropping temperatures mixed with harsh winds and falling snow can wreak havoc on your skin and especially areas that are consistently exposed and sensitive, like your lips. The common result of this is chapping; below are a few measures you can take to main healthy, kissable lips through the cold months ahead.

As tempting as it is to moisten your lips with saliva, limit licking your lips as the water evaporates and actually makes lips dryer than they even were before.  Instead, drink plenty of water to keep the body naturally hydrated.

Help seal in moisture by applying lip balm or even lipstick. To best nourish your smile, look for products with natural ingredients like the oil from almonds or eucalyptus or mango butter that help to provide thicker protection from the air. Be aware that, even though you may be cold, your lips are still vulnerable to sunburn during the winter so protect this sensitive area with products that contain SPF protection. Additionally, shield your mouth from the elements by wearing a scarf when entering cold weather.

Just like exfoliating your skin helps to clear away dead cells, your lips can benefit from a similar treatment. Using a dry toothbrush (perhaps a different one than you use on your teeth), softly rub the bristles in a circular motion over the surface of your lips to brush away the top, dry surface so the new, soft skin can breath. Nighttime is a great time to replenish your lips from the tribulations of the day, and there are plenty of products that are designed to work specifically as you sleep; adding a humidifier to moisten the air is also effective. Switching up your bathing routine so you brush your teeth before you wash your face can do wonders - tooth paste has a drying aspect that easily chaps lips.

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