#HairGoals- Hair Resolution #1

#HairGoals- Hair Resolution #1, Invest In A Professional Blow Dryer!

This is part 1 of our #HairGoals- New Year Hair Resolution" sequence.  Invest in a professional hair dryer. Keep checking back for more recommendations for great styles this year.

Resolution 1:  Invest In A Professional Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers are the key to great hair, and no one has a better selection than us.  Professional Blow Dryers not only dry your hair faster, but they provide an even heat distribution which leads to healthier hair.  

Elchim Healthy Ionic Ceramic Dryer packs 2000 watts, plus ceramic and ionic technology that dries hair in half the time without stripping away its natural moisture, adding shine and reducing frizz. 

1907 Zero7 Air by Fromm is a lightweight hair dryer that conditions hair with ions for soft, smooth hair and a rapid dry time.  It features an ion generator switch for negative and positive ions, and includes a filter cap, diffuser and concentrator.  Its lightweight DC motor operates at 1800 watts.

IZUTECH TRX4000 features a 2000 watt motor, well-balanced weight and built-in noise damper that reduces motor noise to below 62 decibels- the average for human conversation.  It's designed to supply about 25 percent more air than other leading AC dryers in its class, and it includes professional heat settings and a 10 year warranty (2 years through Image Beauty)



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