Guy's Opinion of the Ombre Hair Style

The ombre hairstyle trend; we’ve seen it in the magazines, on the runways, on our favorite celebrities and walking down our sidewalks. It seems like this coloring is becoming increasingly popular among women, which made us wonder: what do men think of the latest fad? We polled sixty men between the ages of 22 – 40, and asked them to rate their opinion of the look. Here’s the breakdown of our results: Dan, age 25 (Love it)  - "The gradiation is very eye-catching and interesting. " Calvin, age 35 (Like it) - "It's unique and makes a woman stand out." Reid, age 26 (Impartial) - "Whether I like it or not  really depends on the specific girl who is pulling it off." Ryan, age 31 (Dislike) - "Often it's not done well and its, frankly, unflattering." Pat, age 27 (Hate) - " It looks like either she was blond and got a bad dye job trying to go brunette, or she was a brunette who got a bad dye job trying to go blond. Either way, it looks like an accident that she was too lazy to fix." Our conclusion? There seems to be no definitive choice among the male half the population, as preferences seem evenly divided between the positive and negative. This ultimately underlines our belief that, while you can’t make everyone happy, you should do what makes you happy. If you like the ombre look, do it for the sake of expressing yourself and not to be please others. Tell us what you think of the trend in the comment section below!

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