Guide to Neon Lips

If you really want to make a bold statement that sets you apart from the crowd, this hot new trend may be for you! While certainly not appropriate for the office, the neon lip look is beginning to transition from the runways to the street as women are looking for new ways to express their individuality.  Neon lips are surprisingly flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. Those with cooler skins will want to find pinks and lilacs that have bluish undertones; those with warmer tints will look dazzling in corals and shades of orange. Ladies with olive or darker skin can easily pull off the selections mentioned above, but will shine with purple lips. Because the neon color will serve attract a lot of attention, make sure that your mouth is ready to take front and center. Exfoliate away any dead skin that would make the surface look uneven. Furthermore, use a nude lip liner and lip primer to prevent bleeding. Your skin will be in the spotlight right along side your pucker, so keep your complexion clean and even with a quality foundation. Because a matte color is recommended with neon, apply a lip balm prior to using the color to keep lips soft and moisturized. For a polished, tasteful look, keep all cosmetics minimal on the face. Use mascara to make your peepers really pop and make sure to have a clean, defined brow to balance the brightness on the lower half of your face. So your lips don't have to compete with your outfit, sport your favorite little black dress with this style and you are sure to turn heads! This beauty style is not for everyone, so it might be wise to try out the product (or something similar) before taking the plunge. Because of the color's boldness, wear your sample out for a few hours before purchasing so you can view it in different lights and have the time to decide if it is really for you. So tell us readers, are you ready to have your lips take center stage with this new trend?!

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