Guest Post: My Pursuit For The Perfect Lip Gloss

The following is a guest post from one of our best customers and  beauty product enthusiast, Caroline!  In her line of work, she deals with clients face to face on a daily basis.  Read her thoughts on her perfect lip gloss; I am sure I am not alone in what seems to be the-never-ending pursuit in finding the perfect lip gloss.  As pathetic as it may sound, I have practically devoted a small portion of my life to the search.  My demands are limited. Not too sticky! I don’t want to distract my listener with horrendous strings of lip gloss deposits each time I open and close my mouth.  Moisture is a must.  I prefer not to have my dried, crispy lips flaking off into my drink.  And, if possible, a complimenting shade that will take me from day to night (and day again).  With the stakes at an all time high, I was nervous to try Pure Illumination.   To be honest, my initial attraction was based solely on the cute  little button that illuminates (hence the name) the application stick.  As I continued to swipe on the Wine Berry shade, my lukewarm feelings had immediately changed.  Alas!  My lips felt baby smooth and the color (checked –out in the handy mirror inconspicuously found on the side) instantly brought me from drab to glam.  The perfect solution to crowded handbags and lip gloss enthusiastics everywhere!   If you are interested in contributing a guest blog, please e-mail us at  Include a word document with your blog post, a creative title, and we'll do the rest!
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