Get Beautiful Hair with Pure NV BKT and Pure Blends

Are you in search of a haircare line that will make your hair beautiful, shiny and soft? We at Image Beauty have just added two new haircare lines to our stock. We are now authorized distributors for Pure Blends and Pure NV BKT hair collections, which are manufactured by the haircare label American Culture. The collections have been leading the haircare industry with their high-quality results, and hairdressers and stylists can now stock up on their products in our online store and at our locations. Whether it is caring for hair at home or caring for hair in the salon, the Pure Blends and Pure NV BKT work wonders with their amazing ingredients.


First-Rate Haircare for Professionals and Consumers

We are all about helping our customers achieve their self-expression while enhancing their image, especially through topnotch haircare. That’s why we aim to make the most innovative and well-renowned hair brands available in our selection, such as American Culture. Every mane is unique to the individual that owns it, so the haircare products used must be able to properly accomplish maintenance needs. People who need to hydrate their follicles and maintain their hair color can benefit from using the Pure Blends collection, while people who need to replenish their strands are at an advantage by using Pure NV BKT.




Protect Your Color with Pure Blends

Once you color your hair with the shade you love, it can be hard to keep it. Over time, the color fades or washes away. Pure Blends uses high pigment herbal solutions to prevent hair color from diminishing and keeps it hydrated for a gorgeous shine. The collection features nine different color depositing shampoos that work to keep the hair color long-lasting. For neutral colors, Pure Blends has Coco-colada shampoo and conditioner to repair and hydrate the locks. Pure Blends also has other haircare products in the collection that provide color balancing and assist with styling.


The Naturally Enriched Hair Formula of Pure NV BKT

Forget caring for your hair with parabens, sodium chloride and sulfate infused solutions! Give your hair the all-natural treatment by using Pure NV BKT. This collection offers a safer and healthier alternative to maintaining hair. The conditioner, shampoo, styling formulas and finishing solutions of the line are created from earthy ingredients. In every bottle is a mixture of infused argan oil, keratin, pomegranate and eggplant.


Pure NV BKT products not only smell amazing, but they also improve the appearance of the follicles. If you have dry or damaged hair, the Pure NV BKT products can refurbish the strands as well as prevent them from looking aged. The shampoo is excellent for retaining moisture, building body and improving the luster of the hair. The collection also offers superior styling tools that use para-magnetic technology. Check out the flat irons, which are mechanically designed to smooth hair as it infuses the follicles with keratin.


Explore our online selection to shop for hair care products from the American Culture Pure Blends and Pure NV BKT!


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