Four Reasons Why You Should Wear Lip Stain

Have you ever wanted to express a bold lip with your makeup style, but had trouble keeping it on the entire day? Coloring the lips is a major element in applying makeup to achieve the desired look you want. Lipstick comes in many colors and various ingredients, but it can be difficult to keep up with when re-applying it often. Lip stain offers a color for the lips that doesn’t cause as much frustration to maintain as lipstick does. Lip stain is a popular makeup item that has been trending in the past few years.


At Image Beauty, we offer high-end makeup products by some of the finest labels of the industry in our online beauty supply. We recently added Cailyn cosmetics to our inventory, and one product we can’t get enough of is their lip stains. The Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stains come available in a variety of colors and is a hybrid of convenience and innovation. Cailyn is a line of makeup that is known for inventing new makeup products using technology and science. Their Cocoon Lip Stains have the ability to stay on for up to 10 hours and are water-proof. 


Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stains


We sell the Cailyn Cosmetics Cocoon Lip Stains in all four shades – tantalizing orange, innocent pink, devilish rose and pink desire. Users simply apply the lip stain with a small brush to evenly distribute it, wait ten minutes for it to set, and then peel off the mask to reveal long-lasting color. You can purchase one from Image Beauty for $18.99.


There are many benefits to wearing lip stain, and we have listed four of the major reasons why it is a great makeup item to have:

 Cailyn Cocoon Lip Stain in Pink Desire

  1. It Allows for Long-Lasting Wear, All Day

Lip stain stays on way longer than lipstick or lip gloss. Because of the lip stain’s ability to not smudge or wipe away, you don’t have to keep putting it on over and over again. Sometimes ladies may wake up with their lip stain still on from the day before!


  1. It’s Not Sticky

One of the advantages of wearing lip stain is that the color shows without ever being wet. You won’t have to worry about smearing it on accident, getting it on your teeth or having your hair get stuck in it. The lip stain dries completely once is it properly applied.


  1. Minimizes Self-Consciousness

When wearing lipstick or other beauty products, many women are much more aware of themselves. Since lip stain doesn’t get messy or fade, girls can feel confident smiling all day long without any worries.


  1. It’s A Worthy Investment 

Since lip stain is basically a temporary dye on your skin, you only need to apply once. Unlike lip stick that gets used much more due to numerous applications, lip stain gets used very little. This saves money from having to replace or buy more lip stain products.


Feel free to shop our extensive lip stain collection, including the Cailyn Cosmetics Cocoon Lip Stain!



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