Five Techniques for Preventing Hair Damage

Most of the time, us ladies just want to live our life in peace without having to worry about the little things. But, some habits of our daily routine can have negative effects on our physical features – and one of them is our hair. If your hair is constantly dry and showing signs of breakage, it could be a consequence of your beauty strategy. Everyone has their own way of caring for their hair, especially since different hair types require certain maintenance tasks. What some don’t realize is that the haircare rituals they have been following for years could be the very perpetrator that is causing the hair to become dry and damaged.


To prevent your hair from being damaged, simply change a couple of steps in your beauty routine. Here are five suggestions for keeping your hair looking healthier.


Refrain from Aggressively Brushing Your Hair

Your hair may be extremely knotty, but that doesn’t mean you have to punish it with the jabbing spikes of your hair brush! Brushing your hair can be frustrating, but it needs to be done to remove tangles. Instead, use a wide toothed comb and detangle your hair gently. It might make more sense to brush from the top down but it’s actually better to brush from the bottom up. By working your way from the ends to your scalp, the knots come out quicker and are more manageable.




Be Mindful of the Heat from Hair Tools and Blow Dryers

The heat from hot hair tools can really take a toll on the follicles of your strands. Rather than blow-dry your hair when it is utterly soaked, let it air dry 80% of the way, then blow-dry on low heat. Another option is to use professional grade hair dryers that are designed with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline technology that dries the strands faster, which cuts back on the amount of time spent using heat. 


Wrap Your Locks Up in a Dent-Free Hair Tie When Sleeping

When you constantly put your hair up in a ponytail the same way or use a bobby pin in the same spot, it dents and damages the locks in that area. When you sleep at night, the sheets and blankets can rub up against your hair and harm it as well. There are two techniques to counteracting these issues – one is to use no dent hair ties to keep the hair up and the other is to sleep on silk pillowcases. We recommend using Goomee, The Markless Hair Loop, which is designed to prevent the hair from denting.




Don’t Rub Hair Dry with a Towel

Ah, the towel turban – it’s convenient, fast to do, and can be worn as you’re doing other things. Unfortunately, it’s also a catalyst for damaging hair. Avoid damaging your hair by refraining from wrapping or rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, blot the hair with the towel in a gentle squeezing motion. 


Use Conditioner and Detangler

Even if you don’t use conditioner, you should apply it every once in a while to restore moisture back into the hair. Spraying in detangler will greatly help with reducing knots and getting tangles undone.

Is your hair looking dry and showing signs of breakage? Change up your haircare habits by following these simple tips. Don’t forget to be aware of hair products with ingredients that can damage your hair. For example, Pravana hair color products are formulated to provide nutrients to the hair without damaging it.


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