Five Easy Tricks for Achieving a Professional Blowout at Home

Blowouts are great for amping up the volume of your hair to rock a bouncy, smooth mane. But, it’s not just a technique that can only be mastered by professional stylists at the salon. A professional blowout can cost around $40 each time and take at least an hour and a half to complete. So, why not save the time and money and do it right at home? By following these five simple tricks, you will rock voluminous locks in no time.


1. Carry out the blow-drying portion of the blowout in the bedroom instead of the bathroom.

Humidity and moisture cause hair strands to become frizzy, and the bathroom can be like a war zone when trying to avoid it. Take the mission to a different part of your home like the bedroom to dodge the muggy atmosphere of the bathroom.

2. Apply the right hair products through semi-damp hair before blow-drying.

Since hair types vary, it’s important to make sure you apply the correct hair products to tame the tresses for the blowout. Without putting in too much, rub a styling cream such as volumizing mousse into the strands or a heat-protectant gel to step up your no-frizz blowout game.
3. Blow-dry with a quality hairdryer that has a nozzle attachment.

The start of the blowout process entails removing all the moisture from the strands so that you can style it. A brush isn’t so useful when taking this step because it will damage and pull the hair with no effect. Use a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment such as Babyliss Pro to create distance between the hair follicles and the heat as you blow-dry each section in a downward direction.
4. Use round brushes to begin styling and curling the front section of the hair first.

Now you can pick up the brush! But not just any brush – a round brush will help smooth and curl as you apply heat with the blow-dryer. Begin with the front sections of your hair because that is where the most focus will be in terms of appearance. Then continue with the rest of your hair in the back and on the sides. 
5. Lock in volume by rolling each section up using 1 to 2 inch rollers or barrels.

Next, roll up the sections of your hair in 1 to 2 inch wide rollers to achieve maximum height and make the volume last longer. We recommend using the Scalpmaster Ionic and Ceramic Blow-Out Brush 13 Piece Set for $29.99, which comes with a round brush, barrels, clips and a keepsake bag for creating the perfect blowout. While the strands are each rolled up, take the blow-dryer and heat them to lock in bounce and let them cool. Then, roll them out.





By using these helpful tips, you can get the blowout you’ve always dreamed of in the comfort of your residence. Preserve your blowout with dry shampoo, which will reduce grease and moisture. Don’t forget to finish your style with a smoothing cream or serum.


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