Featured Line: Peter Thomas Roth Skincare

You're probably seeing Peter Thomas Roth Skincare featured everywhere these days.  From Allure to Good Housekeeping, everyone seems to love Peter Thomas Roth! A little bit about Peter Thomas Roth: As the first generation child of Hungarian parents, and a frequent visitor to Hungary, skin care is an inherent part of Peter's heritage. Nearly 100 years ago, Peter's family owned and operated two spa resorts in Hungary. When Peter launched his company in 1993, he started with the basic soothing and healing philosophies of the many muds and minerals found in the thermal springs that Hungary is famous for. Peter blends the old Hungarian philosophies with 21st century skin care technologies and ingredients to create effective skin care that does what it promises to do! Peter is actively involved in the research and development of progressive, new, cutting edge products in the company owned lab and production facility. The product line currently consists of a comprehensive range of over 100 products. It covers all aspects of skin care, for all skin types and address all skin care needs from head to toe. The Peter Thomas Roth line is created to be customized to an individual’s skin care needs. It can be used equally well by anyone who wants great skin care or who has specific skin care needs. ---PeterThomasRoth.com Peter Thomas Roth is a high-end skin care line that uses the finest ingredients in the world to keep your skin feeling healthy.  Here are a few products that have recently been featured in magazines:

Peter Thomas Roth Max Moisture Day Cream SPF 30

Featured in Allure, Also Best Suncare in FHM Magazine A rich, creamy, oil-free, fragrance-free daytime facial moisturizer enriched with hydrators, anti-oxidant micellized vitamin E and SPF30 protection. Dermatologist, clinically and allergy tested. Protects skin from the damaging rays of the sun and prevents moisture loss. Rich in anti-oxidants to protect skin from free radical damage. Suitable for all skin types especially normal to dry skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Buffing Beads

Featured in Health Magazine An ultra gentle anti-aging version of Botanical Buffing Beads scrub that may be used on the face and body. Infused with the same efffective ingredients as the PTR Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel such as a glycolic acid complex, salicylic acid and botanical brighteners to help produce beautiful fresh, youthful looking skin. Ultra-fine jojoba beads work in two ways. First, they help exfoliate surface dead skin cells without irritation, allowing active treatment products to penetrate better. Then, the ultra-fine jojoba beads help refine skin texture and smooth out fine lines. Caution: For external use only. This product may cause irritation. Mild irritation may be reduced by using the product less frequently and with less pressure. If irritation persists, temporarily discontinue use and consult your skincare specialist. Directions: Using a small amount on the fingertips, add water and gently exfoliate the face,chest and body. For face, follow with PTR cleanser, tonic, treatment products, moisturizer and SPF for day. For body, follow with PTR Anti-Aging Buffing Beads Body Wash. Rinse thoroughly. Combination, oily and acne prone skin, use daily. Normal, dry and sun-damaged skin use two to three times a week at first, increasing to daily usage if well tolerated. For individuals with sensitive skin, use once a week.

Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue

Featured in Good Housekeeping MagazineAn eye treatment the helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Co-enzyme Q-10 encapsulated in caviar-like beads helps protect against free radical damage.

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Serum

What is Un-Wrinkle®? Innovative wrinkle fighting products that are formulated with an exclusive, patent-pending blend of six powerful, active wrinkle relaxing and anti-aging peptides and neuropeptides and other advanced ingredients to hep reduce the appearance of deep wrinkle, fine lines and expression lines: '11' (frown lines), ripply forehead, 'parentheses', crow's feet, pout lines and laugh lines. Skin tone and texture is refined, leaving skin looking soft, smooth and years younger. Un-Wrinkle™ utilizes a cutting edge 23% patent-pending blend of neuropeptides and peptides. Neuropeptides: 4% SYN®-AKE and 10% SNAP-8, a pain-free alternative to popular injectables that topically helps target wrinkle formation, 3% ARGIRELINE®. Peptides: 3% SYN®-COLL and 3% MATRIXYL™ 3000* (a dual peptide) complete the blend to boost collagen production, increase skin firmness and visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and expression lines. • All skin types • Most ideal for those who have early signs of aging and for mature skin with deeper, more defined wrinkles and expression lines • pH level 6.0 - 7.0 Testing Results • Visible results with just one application. Clinical studies have proven up to a 72% reduction in wrinkle size in 28 days. Up to a 52% reduction in wrinkle size in just 28 days. Exclusive, patent-pending blend of six powerful, 100% active WRINKLE RELAXING and ANTI-AGING PEPTIDES AND NEUROPEPTIDES (highly concentrated at 23%) are combined with vitamins and skin moisturizers to create this wrinkle fighting solution with the highest degree of effective ingredients found in clinical studies. Contains the two newest neuropeptides; SYN-AKE at 4% (synthetic peptide which mimics snake venom activity) and SNAP-8 at 10%, a safer, pain-free alternative to the injected Botulinum Toxin that topically helps target the same wrinkle formation mechanism. SYN-COLL at 3%, Argireline at 3% and Matrixyl 3000 (a dual peptide) at 3% complete this patent pending blend of six peptides and neuropeptides. Helps boost natural collagen production and leaves skin looking soft, smooth and years younger. For More Peter Thomas Roth, Click Here

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