Father's Day Gift Ideas Part 5: ZIRH skin care products


If Dad's not already familiar with ZIRH, he's in for a real treat this Father's Day.  ZIRH is one of the most popular men's only skincare lines around.  And, to further validate our love affair with ZIRH, it was was recently awarded "Best Men's Product" award in the 2009 CEW Awards. Brian Robinson, the president of ZIRH gets it - men are nowadays just as conscious of their appearance as women, but they don't want all the hassle or embarrassment that comes with picking out the right products. ZIRH recognizes the fact that Men and women's skins are not alike, and thus women's products do not have the same effect on men's skin.    The no-fuss, no-hassle line of products is perfect for for men who care about their looks, want healthy skin,  but don't want a complicated skin-care regimen.  Everything down to the names of the products are simple - they are called exactly what they do!  They even have on their website a handy "personal skin expert" which ask questions like "Do you suffer from acne or breakouts" and "Do you have puffiness or dark circles under your eyes?"  From the answers, the website calculates which products each individual's skin will benefit from.

The ZIRH "Core Regimen" 

Step 1: Cleanse

Choose from CLEAN for normal skin, or WASH for dry/sensitive skin.  For once a week, exfoliation, there's SCRUB., the aloe facial exfoliator for men.  (won FHM Grooming Award and Cosmopolitan Award - "Best exfoliant for him") 

Step 2: Shave

PREPARE first primes skin for shaving by softening facial hair and reducing friction which helps prevent nicks and razor burn.  Next, choose from SHAVE CREAM (awarded the 2009 Men's Health Grooming Award, best for coarser facial hair),or SHAVE GEL (non foaming gel, perfect for more precise shaving), both infused with Aloe Vera. SOOTHE is perfect for post-shave.  This product is made with special seaweed ingredients that calm redness and other skin irritations that may arise during shaving.  And to top it all off is ERASE, a special, soothing after-shave designed for extra sensitive skin.  It helps reduce razor bumps, burn, and ingrown hairs.

Step 3: Nourish

CORRECT - A men's facial serum that adds essential nutrients while moisturizing. 

Step 4: Moisturize

Choose PROTECT for normal/oily skin, or DEFEND for more dry or sensitive skin, made with SPF 15. (DEFEND was named FHM's #1 product in their annual grooming awards.)  Click here to read a review on DEFEND.   Also great is REJUVENATE, anti-aging facial moisturizer whcih helps to reduce fine-lines and wrinkles. 

Step 5: Solve

ZIRH also makes a number of specialty products for men like RESTORE, the herbal eye cream designed to eliminate dark under cricles and eye puffiness and FIX, a spot treatment formula (made with witch hazel).  Also available is REFRESH, an astringent for especially oily skin, but won't dry it out, and the vitamin enriched CLAY MASK designed to absorb excess oils.

The Starter Kit makes a great gift

Dad's new to ZIRH?  Let him try a little of everything with the ZIRH Starter Kit - which comes with the four best-selling products: CLEAN, CORRECT, PROTECT, and SHAVE GEL. It's $100 value for only $49.99!

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