Father's Day Gift Ideas Part 3: Men's Fragrances

Men typically don't like buying a new fragrance for themselves, which is why cologne can make such a great Father's Day gift!  Here's three of our favorite fragrances (some new, some classic) that would be perfect for all types of Dads! 

If Dad's into music...

New! Burberry The Beat for Men

 The fresh "leatherwood" scent (a combo of woodiness with leather accents) of Burberry's The Beat was actually inspired by music.  Launched in Fall of 2008, the fragrance's creators listened to various British rock bands like Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys to find the ultimate vibe of The Beat.   According to Burberry's Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, The Beat was designed to target a "younger, cooler, more urban Burberry." The fragrance currently has over 3000 fans on Facebook, giving a sense of the younger demographic it calls out to.   The fragrance even made its debut in the United States at the trendy, music-oriented club venue, The Viper Room in Hollywood.   The ads feature five young, attractive, aspiring British artists, musicians, and actors.   This video gives an exclusive behind the scenes look from The Beat's ad campaign photo shoot. Bailey calls the scent, "disheveled elegance...style and attitude that is young, modern, masculine, and dynamic."  This doesn't mean that Dad won't enjoy it.  In fact, if he's looking for something that will remind him of his youth, or even just wants to feel "cool" again, Burberry's The Beat for men is the fragrance for him. Burberry The Beat is also available as a women's fragrance

If Dad's into cars...

New! Cartier Roadster for men

With a tagline that reads, "Audacious. Masculine. Modern" it's no surpise that this new Cartier fragrance is called Roadster (if you didn't already know, Roadster is the name for a classic car).  Fittingly enouhg, "Roadster" is also the name for one of the most popular styles of Cartier's luxury watches. Cartier Roadster is the fifth of the brand's men's fragrances, but it is the first to have launched in the past decade.  It has a fresh, minty, citrus scent that's great for summer and Dads of all ages.  Cartier's marketing approach to the scent is just as modern and cool as the bottle and fragrance itself.  If anything, you should check out their interesting, interactive websitethat's dedicated solely to the fragrance.  Despite the eerie background music that sounds like a bad horror film soundtrack, the black and white hazy graphics that spin around on your computer screen is a work of art in itself.

If Dad's a little more conventional...

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Men's Spray

If Dad's more traditional and likes things that are familiar, the perfect Father's Day fragrance for him is Ralph Lauren's Polo Black.  Ralph Lauren fragrances are an obvious classic.   Even the face of the fragrance, Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras is traditional. The professional polo player has been the face of Polo Black since its launch in 2005.  Guillaume de Lesquen, the President of Ralph Lauren fragrances says he "personifies the World of Polo by living the lifestyle represented by each of the fragrances."  Nacho has recently signed with Ralph Lauren to be the face of all three Polo men's fragrances.   The Polo Black scent, which is described as a, "bold fusion of iced mango, silver armoise, and patchouli noir" fits perfectly with all the masculine characteristics that the Polo Black label as a whole gives off: "Modern. Daring. Sophisticated." To round out Dad's collection, Ralph Lauren Polo Black also comes in men's deodorant, after shave, and all over body wash. Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st.  There's still a lot more gift ideas to come, so stay tuned!!

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