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Keep that summer tan without the hassle of driving to the beach or the tanning salon


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#1 rating as the BEST to hit the salon shelves


Check out these incredible FakeBake products!



FakeBake Golden Faux Glo-Shimmer

  • The Glo-Shimmer tanning lotion is luxorious, moisturizing and makes your skin look stunning! It is non-sticky and doesn’t clog pores. Perfect for any skin type (oily/dry) and skin tone (fair, medium, dark). 


FakeBake Original Self-Tanning Lotion 

  • No pale patches! No streaks! No dark spots! – Just perfectly glowing skin! Apply the Self-Tanning Lotion at night, rinse in the morning and what is left is your flawless FakeBake tan! 


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FakeBake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid and Professional Mitt

  • FakeBake’s Flawless Self-Tan Liquid gives you an instant tan in seconds. Simply spray on the Self-Tan Liquid and use the Professional Mitt (included) to spread evenly across your skin. It is guaranteed to leave a long-lasting, golden finish. It is even infused with a tropical scent!
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FakeBake Self-Tanning Mousse 
  • FakeBake’s Self-Tanning Mousse is a summer must have! It’s easy, dries in seconds and lasts up to 50% longer on your skin! It works well on all skin tones and promises an orange-free finish. 
  • Want a beautiful, flawless tan? You have to try FakeBake’s Instant Airbrush Self-Tan Spray! This is easily a fan-favorite because it applies smoothly and lasts longer than any other product. The ingredients work in the deeper layers of your skin to guarantee a longer-lasting tan. It’s also perfect for those hard to reach areas! 
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