Discover the DevaCurl difference!


Have you ever wanted those cork-screw, perfect curls that seem unimaginable to achieve? It may seem like a far reach, but DevaCurl is guaranteed to give you bouncy, flawless curls.



Let’s get into the specifics… the best way to use DevaCurl products is to do the Deva 3-step



Step 1: Cleanse

DevaCurl No-Poo is the ultimate cleanser to get healthy, shiny, hydrated hair. No-poo means non-lathering and eliminates frizz. It is sulfate and silicone free and guarantees the bounciest curls.

OR use DevaCurl Low-Poo for mild lathering. 



Step 2: Hydrate

DevaCurl One Condition is incredible! It is silky smooth and moisturizes your hair to keep it shiny and manageable. 



Step 3: Define

Lastly, DevaCurl Light Defining Gel gives your hair a natural hold. It enhances your curls and dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or crunchy, which is a problem we find with many styling gels. This is light and moisture-protective!

OR use DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel for a stronger and longer-lasting hold. 




Use the DevaCurl Hair Dryer with Devafuser - made specifically for curly and wavy hair. It is the finishing touch to getting those perfect curls and ultimately defines them. It boosts volume and guarantees shinier, frizz-free hair. 


Check out this step by step video directly from DevaCurl!

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