Cinco de Mayo Manicures

The festive holiday of Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner; celebrated on the fifth of May, this holiday honors the the Mexican army's heroic victory over the French at the 1862 Battle of the Puebla. However, it has since become a day in which many Americans celebrate their Mexican heritage and people of all backgrounds come together for colorful festivities. So why not get into the spirit with a little bit of color on your nails?! Below is some designs we are gaga over that we think would be perfect for this celebratory day. 1) Many things come to mind when we think of Mexico, and "Day of the Dead" artwork is towards the top of the list. Though this holiday falls in November rather than springtime, the symbol of the decorative skulls have become iconic of Mexican culture. When we came across these nails on Pinterest, we were immediately in love; the level of detail and the contrast of the dark and bright colors are simply breathtaking.  2) A celebration of Mexican culture just wouldn't be the same without tasty margaritas. Honor this yummy and visually enticing drink by featuring brightly neon hues on your nails, especially fresh green. We were particularly fond of this manicure we found on Glitter She Wrote, especially considering how simple it is to recreate. 3) The Mexican flag is red, green and white, so there are endless options of how you can beautify your nails for Cinco de Mayo, no matter your skill level. For an understated yet uniquely cute look, we were inspired by this photo that we found on tumblr.    4) Many popular Mexican dishes are not for the mild and meek, as the cuisine is known for its zesty flavors and attention-grabbing spice. Why not bring this same caliente flair to your nails with a design similar to this?     5) When traveling south to this sun soaked country, you will undoubtedly encounter bright and bold patterns. Why not recreate this festive look on you nails? Check out the fun tutorialwe found that details how you can achieve this particular design.

 Let us know what designs YOU like!

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