Cinco de Mayo Makeup

Planning on going out this Cinco de Mayo? Infuse some Latin inspiration into your look! If youwant to wear a classic look inspired by some Hispanic bombshells like Lily Estefan, Demi Lovato and Salma Hayek, sport a soft, smoky eye with a bold red lips to really make a statement. To really make the most of this style, find a matte, long-wear lipstick so you don’t have to re-apply often, and use a lip liner or brush to put it on so your lines are crisp and precise. If you opt to wear a strongly red shade, make sure that the dark eye shadows are applied lightly to your lids; however, if you are wearing a more neutral lip, play up the drama of your gaze with emoting, darker tints.  It’s usually best to choose one feature (either lips or eyes) to focus on so that you don’t look overly "done up" and have your features  competing with each other. A balanced look always looks better.

For a more playful, Cinco de Mayo look, use your cosmetics to exhibit the colors of the Mexican flag: red, green and white. While there are many ways you can do this, I chose to combine rouged lips with green eye shadow. To make sure that my look was bright but tasteful, I blended the green with gold and dark browns to downplay the hue’s intensity; to create a sexy, green smoky eye, you can always blend black into the crease. If the idea of displaying a green lid with red lips makes you uneasy, a tamer option is to have a neutral eye that is enhanced with emerald liquid or pencil eyeliner.

So, come May 5th, celebrate this joyous holiday with delicious food, exciting dancing and a knockout look that perfectly coordinates with Cinco de Mayo.

-- By Stephanie Kaczmarski. Stephanie is a Philadelphia-based makeup artist who loves to help individuals find the perfect look that makes them feel beautifully confident, whether it's for their wedding day or an average day. For inquiries, email her at

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