Chaacoca Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair and Skin Care

We're proud to offer a new brand to our vastly growing selection called Chaacoca.  Chaacoca is a new organic moroccan argan oil hair and skin care line that features a 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oilthat can be used on your hair, skin, nails and more to keep you looking fresh and beautiful.

What Makes Chaacoca Different?

Chaacoca is a distinctive new brand which really encompasses the lifestyle and flair of Morocco.  From their packaging to their entirely certified organic moroccan oil that they use, the products work wonderfully.  Chaacoca is also giving back to the Moroccan community by hiring the locals and providing them with fair wages so that they can earn an honest living in their communities.  All of the packaging is hand-made by locals.

Hair Care

Chaacoca has 5 products in their hair care line and 1 hybrid that can be used as a skin care or hair care.  The hair care products are the Chaacoca Argan Oil Shampoo, Chaacoca Argan Oil ConditionerGiovanni Hair Repair Treatment and Mask , Chaacoca Argan Oil Shine Finishing Mist and the Chaacoca Argan Oil Treatment.  The "hybrid" is the 100% Pure Argan Oil which can be used on the hair and skin.

Skin Care

Chaacoca Skin Care products feature 4 products and their 100% Argan Oil Treatment.  There are 3 products and an exfoliator to go along with the Oil.  The 3 products include a Ghassoul Mineral Clay Mask and 2 Argan Oil Black Soaps, hand soaps, one with Eucalyptus and one with Citrus.  The last item is an exfoliating mitt that you can use in the shower to help rid your body of dead skin cells. Never has a Moroccan Argan Oil line been as powerful and perfect as the Chaacoca line.  Try it, we know that you'll love it.   

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