Caring for Hair Extensions

7388756160_b2d03243c2_oFor those who adore their short haircut but sometimes find themselves lusting over the long locks, hair extensions may be your answer. Even those who want to add more voluptuous oomph to their tresses can reap the benefits. Countless celebrities use extensions to add irresistible volume to their aesthetic, and now you can too!

Synthetic hair extensions are on the lower end of the pricing scale; because they don’t quite capture the bounce and texture of real hair, use synthetic clip-ones for fun occasions rather than every-day usage. Reversely, extensions made from human hair cost more but, because of the seamlessness in which they blend with your own mane, they will allow you to maintain a natural look.

To extend the life of your human hair extensions beyond a few uses, you must maintain them as you would your own locks. Wash them with a quality shampoo once every 2-3 weeks and use a conditioner to help keep them smooth and silky. Always make sure to pat them dry with a towel, as leaving them unnecessarily wet for an extended period of time can lead them to become tangled and weakened. To prevent knots, consider wrapping your hair (and extensions) with a satin scarf  when sleeping.

8551939338_92e28c9c9cExtensions can also be curled or straightened to fit your styling needs, and protect your investment with a spray that shields your hair from the the appearance of being fried and frazzled. Brands such as Alterna have products like this blowout creamto guard from heat’s injurious effects on your hair and extensions alike. When maintaining your hair clip-ons and extensions, use a gentler hand than you would your natural locks, as the add-ons can have the hairs fall out if handled overly rough.

By taking the proper steps to preserve your extension’s looks and health, they can last up to half a year. So invest in a head full of luxuriously bouncy locks that will make you feel confident and sexy!

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