Brows, Behave!

NEW! Urban Decay Brow Boxes

urbandecaybrow-boxThere's really no other product like it out there - Urban Decay's brilliant palm sized brow box contains all you need to making your eyebrows look groomed, shaped, and all-around fabulous!  It's no wonder the Brow Box won a 2008 Golden Compact Award for "Best Brow Product." Each tiny, decorative box (four different sets available) comes with two eyebrow shadow shades, a pair of mini tweezers, and a small, angled eyebrow brush. Also in each box is a little drawer that contains wax, to keep your brows in place all day long. It even comes with a small compact mirror, so even when you're on-the-go, you can do a little touch up. Choose one of four color duos, depending on the color of your natural brows. For blondes, try Honey Pot; for dark brows, try Brown Sugar; for auburn, try Gingersnap; and for somewhere in the middle, try Beige Betty.

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