Bronzer in the Winter? Vicki Gives us Her Take

So with the change of season it becomes necessary for me to change my beauty routine. Obvious ways are that I use a heavier face lotion and more Chapstick. One thing that I feel is very important that is often overlooked is changing your color palette in the fall winter months. Allow me to elaborate on what I mean ... in the summer I love to wear bronzer on my cheeks a light green eyeshadow and a nude lip with gloss; it's a very light and beachy look that, however, doesn't quite match with cozy sweaters and hot apple cider. In the fall I need a darker eye or highly pigment lips (one or the other never both). The one thing that I don't change is the use of bronzer. I really appreciate the healthy glow on my cheeks and bridge of my nose. Remember though, the objective is to look natural, so avoid applying it too heavily or darkening your entire face. Instead, focus on places that the sun naturally hits; your cheeks, nose, forehead . . . in my humble opinion the best product for this mission I have found is TIGI Dual Bronzer. It's very light, the two different tones make it easily blendable and the light shimmer adds the touch of sparkle that I love. So pack away the bikini but leave the bronzer in your arsenal year round.
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