Blue Ombre!!!!


Kylie Jenner’s new look seems to be all anyone can talk about now. She went from sweet and soft to a more edgy and bold look. She may have picked up on the Kardashian makeup tricks, but it’s her hair that is making a huge statement.


Forget the quiet dark to blonde ombre – it’s all about the color in 2014!


Jenner stepped out mid-May with a new blue ombre do. Her family may not be thrilled about it, but it certainly adds some pop to the 16-year-old’s look. Blue ends can look fabulous on any hair color, but Kylie proves just how much the color stands out against dark brown / black hair. 



The choppy cut creates the blue to come off as ‘edgy,’ but Vanessa Hudgens adopted a softer side. Her long, wavy blues make her look like a mermaid.

But this isn't the first time Hudgens has experimented with ombre colors. She once showed off firey red and orange ends along with the casual blonde to brown look. 

In mid-April of this year, Vanessa even stepped out at Coachella with dip-dyed pink ends and streaks. 

I guess you could call this girl the queen of ombre hair???








 Let’s not forget our past blues...


Jade Thirlwall, member of the 2011 British X Factor winning girl group, Little Mix. 














'Neon Lights,' singer, Demi Lovato, who got the inspiration to go blue from Pinterest. 


And lastly, Katy Perry, who has probably dyed her hair every color imaginable - but totally rocked each one!





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