Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

You've probably heard about many of the health benefits of green that it's filled with antioxidants and can lower your risk for heart disease.  But green tea can also be used as an important ingredient in beauty products!   For example, green tea known to reduce the risk of skin damage from the sun.  It is also known to have many anti-inflammatory agents that prevent skin irritation and redness.  Even the scent of green tea is known to produce a calming effect   We've selected a few special beauty products that contain the wonderful ingredient.   Kiss My Face Bar Soap Olive and Green Tea Bar Soap - A bar soap has never been so refreshing.  The olive oil in the soap is great for moisturizing, while the Green Tea produces the sooting effect.  Made from all natural ingredients and gentle enough for all types of skin. Nutra Nail Green Tea Nail Hardener - Keep your nails from breaking, bending, or chipping.  The nail hardening solution works fast to give your nails the protection they deserve. Also available, Nutra Nail's Green Tea Cuticle Remover.  Perfect for removing excess cuticles - leaving you with beautifully smooth and soft cuticles; and Nutra Nail Green Tea Antimicrobial nail solution, a fast acting formula that clears up and fungus and germs on the skin surround the toenails and fingernails.   Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Four Piece Tea Set - Set comes with Green Tea Scent Spray, Energizing Bath and Shower Gel, and Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  All have the unforgettable smell of green tea - a scent that keeps both the body and mind energized all day long.  Or, you can get the green tea spray by itself (comes in 1.7ox and 3.3oz bottles). Also try our Creative Scentsations Body Wash in Citrus and Green Tea  or our Creative Scentsations Citrus and Green Tea lotion.

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