Atopalm MLE Body Lotion - Moisturizer that just works.

Atopalm MLE Body Lotionis a unique moisturizing formula that was developed by dermatologists to combat the problem of dry skin and other skin irritations. 

What is MLE formula technology?

  • MLE stands for Multi Lamellar Emulsion, a unique patented skincare technology
  • The Journal of Investigative Dermatology contains exact reports of how this MLE technology works.  (Good luck with reading the whole's very, er, scientific).  Their conclusions - MLE technology is effective!
  • Essentially, all skin possesses natural restoring moisturizers that are responsible for maintaining our skin's moisture balance.  However, cold and dry air (and other external factors) come into contact with the skin, making it difficult for the skin to recover as quickly as we'd like.
  • Atopalm's formula was designed to mimic the skin's natural moisturizing process to enable the skin to replenish itself more effectively. 

Does it work?

Other great things about Atopalm

  • Rich and moisturizing but is not greasy at all!
  • Perfect for sensitive skin in adults, and in children
  • Contains Vitamin E, which is added to act as an antioxidant as well as helpful for moisturization
  • Atopalm also contains Allantoin, which is an ingredient known for soothing and stimulating healthy skin growth

Atopalm User Reviews:

Atopalm also comes in a facial moisturizer, an intensive body cream, a body wash, and a facial foam wash.  All Atopalm's products contain their special MLE formula.

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