Are you tired of leaving good product at the bottom of your makeup jars?

Are you tired of leaving usable product at the bottom of those hard to reach makeup and nail polish jars?  Fear no more, we now bring you the "Every Drop Beauty Spatula", which makes it easy to use every last drop of the expensive product that you purchased.


8 Inches in Length Small Enough to Fit In Any Container Use on all liquids, lotions and creams including: serums, anti-aging, foundation, hand, face and body care, hair care, tanning products & trapped lipstick Doesn't absorb like cottons swabs Use on any shape or size bottle or container Use as a daily scoop to prevent germs from entering beauty products Washable and reusable   The Every Drop Beauty Spatula has already saved me over $20!  It's worth every penny to be able to get every penny out of your product.

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