Ahava Dead Sea Skin Treatment

kristin-davis Ahava Dead Sea Minerals is an Israeli based company that has created a plethora of different moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, and other skin care products that utilize minerals from the Dead Sea.  Their products are all natural, in addition to being paraben and sulfate free.

History and Facts about the Dead Sea

  • At 32%, the Dead Sea has the highest concentration of natural minerals in the entire world
  • It's the lowest point on Earth (about 400 meters below sea level)
  • It's called the "Dead" sea because there is almost no marine or plant life because of its high concentration of minerals.  In fact, the sea is so saturated, that you actually float when you're in there
  • Since the days of Cleopatra, people have been using the minerals from the sea for their beauty regimes.

How do the minerals work?

  • As we age, our skin loses some of its power to moisturize naturally.  The minerals from the Dead Sea help this along.  The minerals enable the skin cells to communicate better and faster than they would without them.
  • A study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that Dead Sea minerals are effective in smoothing the skin's surface.  Specifically, a product with only 1% Dead Sea minerals is 46% more effective in reducing skin roughness
  • The mud from the sea also has minerals within it that are helpful in treating all types of skin, muscle, and joint problems.
  • For more information on the effectiveness of Ahava, you can visit their website where they refer to various studies and research on the minerals within the Dead Sea.

Media Buzz

  • Kristin Davis from Sex and the City has recently signed on as the newest spokesperson for the brand.  She tells WWD, "It's not about being the cheapest, necessarily - it's about delivery quality products for a reasonable price...Ahava does that - they're not just creating a marketing story."
  • In the February 2009 issue of Fit Yoga, Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud is recommended to readers to, "relax while the therapeutic ingredients revitalize, moisturize, cleanse, soften, and remove impurities."
  • Men's Fitness recommended the Men's Mineral collection in its December 2008 issue.  (Ahava Press Release) 

We urge you to test out some of the most mineral induced skin care products in the world!  We'll have you booking your next vacation to one of the Dead Sea spas before the end of the year!

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