A Trip Down Memory Lane: Beauty from the 1950's

The 1950's was a decade of soft curls, feminine features. And, while the 60's were all about the dramatic eye makeup, the 50's favored bold lips, long lashes and strongly defined eyebrows. Some of the most admired beauties of cinematic history came from this era, and us 21st Century ladies can easily recreate their iconic looks. To incorporate the expressive, sexy brows into your look, first you will most likely need to temporarily skip over your usual hair removal routine in order to achieve a fuller look. When your eyebrow hairs have grown in, you can apply a defined arch and fill them in with a shade that is slightly darker than your natural coloring. Additionally, consider carrying around a small eyebrow brush to maintain the beautiful, clean shape throughout the night. To achieve the innocent, dewy lids loved by 50's movie stars and housewives alike, look for a cream eyeshadow with a natural hue. As you might have noticed, women of the era tended to shy away from using bright colors in favor of attention-grabbing eyeliner. Using a quality, liquid black eyeliner, you can create a "winged" look with a solid line across the entire upper lid and upward turned corners. Multiple coats of mascara can be applied to the upper lashes, but the lower should feature a minimal amount to create the appearance of wide-eyed innocence. The final touch is to add the brightly colored lips. First, use lip liner to define and shape your upper lip and to prevent your color from bleeding, something that is especially helpful for women with creases around their mouth. Next, apply that lipstick that works perfectly with your skin tone - we favor bright reds, corals, and dark pinks. When choosing the color that works best for you, take into consideration whether your skin has warm or cool undertones. Additionally, don't be afraid to experiment to find that perfect shade; with a wide selection of discount beauty supplies at your fingertips, you can afford to play with your look. So, this winter, consider paying homage to these timeless movie beauties by mixing their classic look with your modern fashion sense.    

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